Sport and Life Training

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Points of Difference

Quality Presentations

SALT’s programs are all based on the principles of sport around a framework of positive psychology. Our programs are non-judgmental and aim to inspire and empower. SALT presentations are tailored to the specific needs of your club or organisation

Partnership Approach

SALT work with the entire organisation over a period of time to empower internally-driven and sustainable cultural change

Exceptional Staff

SALT use qualified, trained and experienced teachers to facilitate enjoyable and interactive sessions

SALT Live Quiz

SALT’s Live Quiz collects real time, confidential data. This allows us to specifically tailor our sessions to the particular needs of the team or organisation

Leadership Teams

SALT equip leadership teams to be accountable and to actively build positive team culture

Wellbeing Committees

SALT establish and equip Wellbeing Committees to care for team members who may be experiencing difficulties or personal issues

Good luck Emma!! From the team at SALT.

Congratulations to Emma Stilvie for being selected in the School Sports Victoria U12 State Cricket team!
SALT are proud to sponsor Emma to compete in the National Championships to be held in Bunbury, WA in December.

SALT Live Quiz

SALT has developed a leading edge web platform “SALT Live Quiz” to collect and display real-time confidential data so that every session is tailored specifically to the personal experiences of the group, generating honest and open discussions

SALT - sport and life training live quiz

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