SALT is thrilled to once again have the generous support of Mawsons Concrete and Quarries funding sessions for sporting clubs in Central and Northern Victoria. Clubs in these regions can apply for up to 4 fully funded sessions by clicking here.

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The SALT Live Quiz enables confidential, real time information to be quickly gathered from the group. This information informs the conversations to be relevant to the group’s feedback and needs.

Our Story
Who we are?

SALT Sport and Life Training is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation. Our vision is To Transform Australian Culture Through Sport. In our first 5 years we have delivered over 1800 sessions and positively impacted over 36,000 people.

The SALT Live Quiz enables us to compare pre and post presentation data and measure effectiveness. In the Wellbeing and Mental Health Presentation it is used to measure help seeking behaviour by participants pre and post the session. The data analysed to date consistently reflects a 70% reduction in people who would try to deal with a mental illness themselves.

Highly recommend SALT to any club or school.  I felt the girls got a lot out of it and I wished our school had the program set up. Thank you


Football Club

The SALT presenter was amazing. She was engaging and sympathetic to some very emotional girls. She had many opening up about some very significant things. I don’t know how she does it. I was in tears listening to the girls. There was a lot of positive chat amongst the girls afterwards. Many not expecting a footy club to care about more than footy. Thank you for an insightful and inspirational night.


Netball Club

He personalised his presentation. Spoke of what it was like for him at 15 years of age being a young man and his challenges. Controlled the room. Asked for feedback and got it. Not easy with a room full of 14/15 year olds


Junior Football Club

Fantastic!! Really loved the message you are sending through this workshop! Empowering these young women and challenging the way they think about themselves and one another is invaluable.

I hope this message stays with them for years to come. Was an absolute pleasure!


High School

The presenter was exceptional! Articulate and engaging with the audience.

Aligned to the clubs strategic plan and supporting the development of ‘the whole person’.

We will be using SALT for many other programs and creating a partnership for the betterment of our community


Football Club

Steve delivered this program with confidence and knowledge. Participants engaged and felt welcome to ask questions. Steve handled the group well with energy and true understanding of topics raised.


Junior Football Club

Dave delivered a really strong message on how we as parents can deal with issues or potential issues our children face.


Junior Football Club

Following the wellbeing and mental health night, the atmosphere at training was unique. It was still jovial, positive and fun, but there was a deeper notion of understanding that covered every ‘G’day’, every ‘how are you going mate?’. It took me all night to pin down what was different. It hit me on the walk back to the change rooms – for the first time in my life, when a teammate at footy asked ‘how are you?’, they genuinely meant it and were eager to know how you were going. It was a beautiful feeling.


Football Club

Inspiring to see SALT yet again taking the lead with connecting people through sport to promote and sustain mental health in challenging times!



We’ve known for a while now that if we’re going to help men stay on top of their mental health, we need to go to where men are and reach them in a way and place that is comfortable for them. With that in mind, sporting communities are the best starting point to engage with young and old blokes alike, to highlight their similarities and to offer opportunity for meaningful conversation, connection and resilience building…



Our Story

Why We Exist

Because our society is in crisis – issues of drug and alcohol abuse, violence, suicide, discrimination, mental illness, racism and addiction pervade our culture.

Because sporting clubs are at the hub of every community throughout Australia and provide the perfect networks to facilitate sustainable cultural change.

Because everyone benefits from a supportive team environment and positive culture.

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