We ran the first pilot series in 2022 with 4-8 leaders from 50 clubs, encompassing 18 sporting codes. It was 8 online sessions of 90 minutes. Every club received a workbook, resources, connections with each other and challenges to achieve for the month. They were also assigned a SALT mentor to work with them in the 12 months following the end of the series. The first series was funded by our Major Partners, the incredible Bendigo Bank. https://www.bendigobank.com.au/community/

In February of this year we ran the course with another 50 clubs. This time it was 6 sessions of 60 minutes and the content we couldn’t fit in was included into the updated 36 page workbook. This was to reduce time pressure on people but also to allow clubs to access the information they wanted to use while not having to learn or do things that they weren’t currently prepared for. This series of CWH was far more concentrated, specific, informed, prepared and scrutinised than the one the year before. It was sponsored by the amazing Phillips Foundation and we are extremely grateful to them for their on-going support. https://thephillipsfoundation.org.au/

I love the session workbooks, great resource to have and thank you for recommending a book or two each session. Plenty of well thought out material that will lead us in the direction of becoming a club with heart! Kristy, Aerodynamix Gymnastics

Really enjoyed this, thank you! Great presentation each week, well prepared, excellent examples provided to really bring points home. Kate, Manningham United Blues Football Club

Currently we are in the middle of the third series of Clubs with Heart with a smaller cohort of clubs. This is due to the generous funding of the Freemasons Foundation who also support so many other community initiatives. https://www.freemasonsfoundation.org/

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Clubs with Heart

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