This session begins by looking to identify the level of alcohol and drug use and the attitudes to these substances through the use of the confidential and immediate feedback derived from the SALT live quiz.

We then create a safe and non-judgemental environment in which we can understand the dangers of alcohol abuse and illicit drug use while still supporting anyone experiencing difficulties. We then look to create an environment that is healthy and drug free.


  • What does this club stand for?
  • Good teams – excellent teams
  • Alcohol and your body 
  • Alcohol and violence
  • Alcohol and reputation
  • Alcohol and sporting performance
  • Understanding the risks of illicit drugs
  • Creating a drug free club environment
  • The impact of our behaviours on young players
  • How to support a friend who has an alcohol or drug problem

“As a Senior Coach, I was aware our club has a number of significant issues in areas such a drugs and mental health, however, I didn’t know the extent. The SALT presentation was powerful, strong and compassionate in guiding us to be the best club we can be. SALT is the best approach I have seen in my time in football.”

– Captain Metropolitan FC