This module is designed to assist girls at a time of life when there is often a drop in confidence and pressure to fit in with peers who may not always be a good influence. This module aims to provide participants up to the age of 15 years, with a tool kit to help them resist this pressure and to respond confidently.

Research shows that if young people have rehearsed their responses, they are far more likely to make a positive decision under pressure when the time comes. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend this session.

“Fantastic!! Really loved the message you are sending through this workshop! Empowering these young women and challenging the way they think about themselves and one another is invaluable. I hope this message stays with them for years to come. Was an absolute pleasure!”

– Lisa M, Organiser



Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • Identifying the qualities you need to play sport
  • Applying these same qualities to life e.g. courage, commitment, good decision-making
  • Having a game plan for life and getting off to a good start
  • Identifying the pressures that stop us from being our best
  • Understanding negative peer pressure
  • The power of the bystander
  • 5 ways to help beat peer pressure
  • Understand the power of positive peer pressure
  • What to look for in a friend
  • Bringing out the best in each other – holding each other accountable
  • Listening to the right voices
  • Knowing when to speak up and how to speak up
  • Knowing where they can get support