This session tackles the issue of gender equality, racial equality, sexual equality (LGBTIQA+), respect and inclusion. Some members of sporting clubs can be a little insecure and tribal. The community is challenged to widen its scope of understanding of how other people live and contribute to our society through their diversity.

“I have personally observed SALT presenting and I can speak firsthand of the work they are doing. It is deep level intervention that all sporting clubs would benefit from. We’ve had other programs in our football clubs before, but this is the most effective in terms of changing behaviour.”

– Peter McDougal, CEO, Northern Football League

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • The challenge to create the club that our community needs you to be
  • Understanding your ‘why’
  • Knowing, naming and living out our values
  • Identifying and applying your strengths
  • Building strong relationships
  • Leading by example – consistency
  • Demonstrating humility
  • Empowering others
  • Holding others accountable