This session is specifically designed for the issues facing teenagers today. This module is designed to give participants an understanding of anxiety, depression, and other common mental health disorders. It educates participants on how to have real conversations and aims to reduce the stigma that remains around mental health issues. Participants are given a range of positive strategies to deal with their own mental health challenges and support their friends.

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • What is mental illness? 
  • Reducing stigma
  • Applying strengths from sport into everyday life
  • What life challenges do athletes face?
  • What is depression and what is anxiety?
  • What behaviours indicate that a person may not be coping?
  • How to improve mental health
  • The value of genuine conversation
  • Practical ways of looking after yourself and your friends
  • Where to go for help

“If we as a club, can help one player who is struggling, then what we do off-field is most worthwhile. Mental health and wellbeing should be spoken of regularly, just like a sore knee. If you see someone struggling, ask the question. Are you OK? Tonight we became more of a family than a footy team and I thank SALT for that.”

–  Murray Felines FC