Frequently asked questions

Who are SALT?

SALT (Sport and Life Training) is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation that works with Sporting clubs, Leagues, and Associations to create strong culture and leadership that leads to more connected communities of care and respect.

What SALT deliver?

SALT helps Clubs, Leagues and Associations build the structures, the skills, and the behaviors that lead to a respectful, caring, resilient and courageous community. Through the delivery of quality sessions, SALT is able to facilitate conversations between attendees, players, coaches and other members of the organisation to grow an environment that’s supportive and nurtures understanding.  

What do the SALT sessions cover?

SALT have sessions that start at 12 years old and focus on Peer Group Pressure and Decision Making. We build up young women to feel secure and have a voice in our ‘Empower’ course. Young men are challenged to live their best lives through our Healthy Masculinity course. We are the only organisation that tackles all the big issues that impact on the Mental Health in our community – Drugs and Alcohol, Respect and Equality, Positive Sports Parenting, Positive Coaching, and Wellbeing and Mental Health. For an overview of all our courses go to: https://sportandlifetraining.com.au/courses/

Who do SALT work with?

We work with local sporting clubs across regional and metro Victoria as well as leagues and associations.

How long do sessions go for?

This is dependent on the Club and participants but these sessions can go from anywhere between 70mins to 90mins.

Does SALT work only within the sporting industry?

SALT mainly works with sporting clubs but occasionally also work for corporate clients.

Is SALT only based in Victoria?

SALT is currently based in Victoria but are looking to expand nationally.   

How much are sessions?

In- person sessions are $980 +GST each and if you book in three or more sessions they go down to $780 +GST each.

Online sessions are $500 +GST and if three or more online sessions are booked they go down to $400 +GST each.

How many people can attend the sessions?

This can change depending on the age group and the session provided. We do require a minimum of 10 attendees for an in-club sessions and 6 for an on-line sessions, if this is unable to happen we will have to reschedule these sessions.

Does the club need to provide any equipment?

No, the facilitators bring their own projector, screen, and anything else required for their presentation.

Is there any additional information for In-person presentations?

Seating: If possible, the preference is to have attendees seated in rows or an arc close to the presentation.

Introduction: Before the presentation, we require a club representative to introduce the SALT presenter. This can be along the lines of “Thanks everyone for coming. The SALT program is something we really value. What happens off the field at this club is as important as to what happens on it”.

Attendee Requirements: For all Junior SALT sessions we require a club representative to be in attendance such as a coach, welfare manager or committee member. Whilst we don’t encourage parents to attend, they can attend the Stand Your Ground or Unstoppable (11-14 age) sessions. For all other junior sessions, we find it best if parents do not attend as it can inhibit the conversation amongst participants.