This package is designed to assist the club with a comprehensive approach to being proactive in providing support around Mental Health and Wellbeing. The package consists of a face-to-face or online delivery of the Mental Health and Wellbeing session for anyone at the club who is 16+ followed by three online sessions for the Club Wellbeing Team (CWT). Your CWT will be made up of three to six people who are well-known, trusted, wise, and approachable.

They will attend three sessions that cover the following topics:

  • CWT1 – Questioning and Listening Techniques
  • CWT2 – Managing Common Issues
  • CWT3 – Understanding Suicide & Embedding Best Practices

Undertaking Sport and Life Training this year has proved to be the most valuable and important committed to as a club.

– Noel from Lindenow South FNC

Only three sessions, and I feel like the message was clear, the toolkit is there and I feel like the club has genuine direction from SALT

Emma from Mornington FNC