bendigo bank

Bendigo Community Bank is the Foundation Partner of SALT. Without them we could not do what we do. Not only do they support us financially, they partner with us in our promotion and expansion strategy.

The people who run the community banks understand what we do and they believe in it. This is because unlike any other bank, the community banking model is based on ‘profit with a purpose’.

They genuinely want to support their communities and make sure every dollar achieves the most that it can. So many clubs and community groups apply to their local community banks for funding to put on SALT sessions.

Wherever possible, we know the Bendigo community banks try to support them to have these sessions. It is really important that clubs and community groups do what they can to promote their local community banks and encourage their communities to open now bank accounts with them. This way, everyone benefits.


Does your club need funding?

Apply for funding now through your local Bendigo Bank