About Us

Dave Burt, Founder

SALT Sport and Life Training is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation.

Our vision is To Transform Australian Culture Through Sport.

what we deliver

We deliver quality education, culture and leadership sessions into sporting clubs, schools and businesses.

We use trained and experienced teachers who understand the context of sporting club culture.

our story

SALT began in 2015 after founder, Dave Burt attended 7 clubs over a period of 18 months to help them recover and restore their communities due to the impact of suicide.

In every club, Dave heard the same thing, ‘We never saw it coming’.

Recognising the remarkable strengths sports people displayed on the field – courage, sacrifice, commitment, good decision making under pressure, strong communication and more, Dave resolved to create positive, interactive education programs that would drive clubs to become as strong off the field as they were on it.


Since 2015, times have changed and so has SALT.

We have worked with thousands of clubs in 22 different sporting codes. We now have over 12 different courses with versions suitable for 12 year old’s through to parents and coaches. We have discovered that to really affect change we need to go deep with clubs. We now partner with clubs to become ‘Clubs with Heart’. This involves working with clubs for 6 months to 2 years to create the club story, identify and overcome the barriers, acquire the knowledge needed, build the right structures, leaders and behaviours and ultimately achieve competitive greatness on and off the field.

want to get involved?



SALT is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation with full DGR Status. All donations are fully tax deductable.


Many organisations and companies have generously sponsored local clubs to have complimentary SALT presentations.


SALT is a partnership organisation with over 25 partner organisations currently.