SALT Honour Board

In the tradition of a great sporting club we honour those who have served SALT

Edwina Ricci

Edwina Ricci has guided and supported SALT since before its inception. With her vast knowledge of psychology and particularly the field of positive psychology, Edwina helped oversee course and presenter development in the early days. During COVID Edwina was instrumental in developing and co-hosting our 24 SALT Lunchbox Webinars.

Corina Vucic

Corina Vucic was the founder and CEO of FC Business Solutions who supported SALT for 4 years with our business strategies, social media, website production and maintenance, presentation templates, record keeping and more. Everything was pro-bono. Corina mentored Dave and other leaders throughout this time with clarity, honesty and kindness.

Trent Youll

Trent Youll as the Founder and CEO of Fraudwatch has supported SALT financially since 2016. He asks for no recognition. Trent, went on to become a board member and we held our meetings in his board room. Trent was willing to call a spade a spade and went through our financials with a fine tooth comb to make sure that everything we did was accurate and professional.

Ian Moorehouse

Ian Moorhouse was one of the original 4 presenters back in 2015. Since that time Ian has constantly assessed where SALT is at and what we might need to reach the next level. He has done this gently and wisely. Ian undertook to partner with our first member clubs and had the skill and experience to guide them towards developing strong cultures. Ian continues to present for SALT to this day.

Neil Bull

Neil Bull was the first Chairman of the SALT board. Neil had been supporting Dave’s work at Sports Chaplaincy and understood the need to take this work to a new level through preventative education. Neil helped us develop a budget, his wife Fiona became our first bookkeeper and Neil helped guide us through those early days.

Ross Grace

Ross Grace was the Principal of Donvale Christian College. When he heard what we wanted to do with SALT he put it to the school board and they donated $10,000 towards getting us started. Ross joined the board and later spent time as the Chairman. Ross and his wife Sue have remained supporters and guides of SALT since its inception.