This session starts with the premise that sport is about life, life is not about sport. Many children form too much of their identities around their sporting talents and achievements, rather than the character strengths and the values they demonstrate. This will give parents a clear perspective on how to support coaches and clubs in positive ways and how to conduct themselves at junior sporting matches.

They are challenged to see that sport is an opportunity to set their kids up for life success and are encouraged to help their children value strengths such as courage, discipline, teamwork, good decision-making, good communication, and sacrifice. In this session, parents are provided with fantastic tools to prepare their children to be strong, caring, capable, and successful adults. This session is generally run at the beginning of the season and can be done on line to maximize parents’ attendance.

 Topics covered:

  • How sport can prepare our kids for life
  • Sport and identity
  • Managing success and disappointment
  • Barracking or bullying
  • Positive encouragement
  • Reflective questioning and active listening
  • Parents, umpires and coaches 

“I’ve just returned home from one of the best education sessions I’ve ever been to. I just can’t speak highly enough about how valuable the SALT sessions are. Every parent wants to give their kids the best start in life, but we don’t always nail how we go about it despite good intentions. I’m grateful we’re at a footy club that cares enough to offer these sessions.”

–  Parent, Beverley Hills JFC