This session tackles the issues of gender equality, racial equality, sexual equality (LGBTQIA+), respect, and inclusion. At a time when teenagers can be insecure and tribal, they are challenged to widen their scope of understanding of how other people live and contribute to our society through their diversity. Ultimately, sporting clubs can be examples to the rest of the community around empathy, respect, inclusivity, and equality.

“SALT has provided our club with the means to create an inclusive and safe environment for the players. Everyone is now more consciously aware of the need to look after each other.”

– Captain, Metropolitan Football Club

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • What does it mean for people who have known exclusion to know acceptance?
  • What do local clubs look like when they are at their best?
  • Where does racism start and how does it grow?
  • Where does gender inequality start and how does it grow?
  • Where does homophobia start and how does it grow?
  • The power of unconscious bias and stereotyping
  • What is my experience in regard to each of these areas of exclusion and what is my response to becoming a champion of change?
  • Creating a club where all people feel welcomed and equal