In the 16-19 age group we know that kids are potentially establishing drinking habits that may have long-term effects. This session challenges them to create an environment where current and future players feel safe to be the best versions of themselves without feeling the need to drink to fit in. There is a different tone and methodology when presenting this to age groups as they need to be treated with respect but gently challenged in a positive way. Their own use of drugs and alcohol will be examined to find a balance of acceptance and the repercussions of heavy drinking, drug use and their influence over others will be explored.

 Topics this session covers:

  • What does this club stand for? 
  • Good teams – excellent teams 
  • Alcohol and your body
  • Alcohol and violence
  • Alcohol and reputation
  • Popularity versus respect
  • The risks of vaping
  • Understanding the risks of illicit drugs
  • How to respond when offered illicit drugs
  • How to support a friend who has an alcohol or drug problem

The SALT session was sensational. Perfect tone and a mix of slightly confronting topics and good news stuff. Had a number of parents comment how their child said how good it was, and for teenagers, it’s hard to get any words out of them!”

–  Southern Peninsula Basketball Association