Swimming champ Libby Trickett has recently issued an open letter to Australia to tell the
country we’ve been doing it all wrong. The four-time gold medallist has reignited debate
surrounding the behaviour of parents at junior sporting events. Trickett points out data shows
the participation rate of Australian kids plummets around the age of 13.

“This is actually a stage of their life where kids can benefit from sport,” Trickett writes.
“It’s a time where they deal with more stress at school, more screen time and are navigating
tricky friendship issues. To step away at this moment is to step away from one of the best
public health initiatives we have. And the behaviour of parents on the sidelines of sport is
one of the main reasons kids are stepping away.”

None of us set out to have a negative impact on our kids when we start enrolling them in
junior sport but along the journey something changes. What started as being about fun and
health and social skills often turns into a quest to make rep teams, dissatisfaction with
coaches and umpires and more. SALT’s Positive Parenting course re-sets the dial. Through
smart, positive sports parenting, we can help prepare our kids for life and one day they will
thank you for what you did.  

Key Module Insights:

  1. Sport is About Life: This module begins with the fundamental understanding that
    sport is a crucial part of life, not the other way around. It challenges the notion that
    children should define themselves solely by their sporting talents, redirecting the
    focus to character strengths and core values.
  2. Supporting Coaches and Clubs: Parents play a pivotal role in creating a positive
    environment within the club. This session provides a clear perspective on how
    parents can support coaches and clubs in positive ways, fostering a collaborative and
    encouraging atmosphere.
  3. Life Success through Sports: Sports offer a unique opportunity to set children up
    for life success. Parents are encouraged to view sports as a platform for developing
    essential qualities such as courage, discipline, teamwork, good decision-making,
    communication, and sacrifice.
  4. Tools for Strong, Caring, and Successful Adults: The module equips parents with
    practical tools to prepare their children for adulthood, emphasizing the importance of
    building strong, caring, capable, and successful individuals.

Online Convenience for Maximum Attendance:

Understanding the demands on parents’ time, we offer this course online to maximise
attendance and participation. The flexibility of online sessions allows parents to engage with
the content conveniently, ensuring that as many parents as possible can benefit from this
valuable program.

Timing at the Beginning of the Season:

To set the tone for a positive and empowering season, the Positive Sports Parenting module
is ideally conducted at the beginning of the season. This strategic timing ensures that parents are equipped with the insights and tools needed to support their children’s sporting
journey effectively.

We invite you to join us in creating a supportive and empowering sports community for our
young athletes. Please feel free to contact us at info@sportandlifetraining.com.au to book,
for more information or answer any questions you may have.

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