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Clubs with Heart

This is the condensed version of our 8-session series. It outlines how we create a new ERA in your club through Education, Responsibility and Accountability. Clubs with Heart aim to be highly competitive, they want to win, and they want to produce great players. However, they understand that they have a higher calling, which is to create a community of care, respect, courage and resilience. This course focusses on creating a story for which your club is known. We address the barriers that hold us back, then build the knowledge, the structures, the leaders and the behaviours we need. Finally, we focus on building competitive greatness.

Single gender sessions preferred

Wellbeing & Mental Health

This module is designed to give participants an understanding of anxiety and depression and provides them with positive mental health habits for life. It educates participants in how to have real conversations and aims to reduce the stigma that remains around mental health issues. Participants are encouraged to ask good questions of their friends and to be open and honest about how they are coping and gain a better understanding of support structures available. People who reveal that they are languishing are connected to people with capacity to ensure they receive follow up. There is an additional section in the presentation now referring to post traumatic growth and 5 steps to achieving it. Reference is made to the impact of COVID 19 on people’s lives and the need to address this extra layer of pressure that people have experienced.

Single gender sessions preferred

Drugs and Alcohol

Traditionally many sporting clubs have relied on alcohol sales to generate club revenue and have sometimes promoted heavy drinking. We also know that heavy alcohol use can lead to illicit drug use. This module explores the dangers of heavy alcohol use and drug abuse. It asks, ‘What kind of club do you want to be?’ ‘What kind of influence do you want to have on the kids coming up?’ ‘What reputation do you want in the community?’ ‘Where do drugs and alcohol fit into all this?’ and ‘How can we create an environment that supports anyone dealing with a drug or alcohol issue while keeping the club, healthy and drug free?’

Single gender sessions preferred

Equality is the Game

This module tackles the issue of gender equality, racial equality, sexual equality (LGBTQIA+), respect and inclusion. This positively motivates participants to be part of the solution in creating equality and inclusion, firstly in our sporting clubs and secondly in the wider community.

This course explores ways to empower sporting communities to be the examples when it comes to respect, fairness and equality. We look at how easy it is to develop prejudices, stereotyping and unconscious biases. The idea of sledging your opponent to get an advantage used to be considered acceptable, however today we have realised that equality extends across and beyond the boundary line. This module gives participants the tools they need to recognise and combat discrimination and the courage to employ them within their club and in the community.

Club Wellbeing Package

This package is designed to assist the club with a comprehensive approach to being proactive in providing support around Mental Health and Wellbeing. The package consists of a face-to-face delivery of the Mental Health and Wellbeing module followed by three online sessions for the Club Wellbeing Team (CWT).

Following the initial session, participants are motivated and encouraged to become part of the CWT.

The CWT is designed for the participants to be the eyes, ears and heart of well-being and mental health in the club. This is made up of three to six people who are well known, trusted, wise and approachable. They are caring and perceptive and are happy to approach people and have a conversation to see how they are going.

The CWT will receive three online sessions that cover the following topics

  • CWT1 – Questioning and Listening Techniques
  • CWT2 – Managing Common Issues
  • CWT3 – Understanding Suicide & Embedding Best Practices

Senior Club Membership Program

Clubs who are really committed to long term cultural change may become a SALT member where the partnership extends over two years. At the beginning of the partnership, the SALT Facilitator will meet with the committee to explain the program and conduct the Club Health Check questionnaire. This provides the base line for a measurement process that will inform us of the progress made at the end of the first and second year. SALT will then discuss and collaborate with the committee to set the goals and strategy for the program. The modules will be explained, discussed and selected in the contexts of the club’s greatest needs. (LINK to SENIOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP)

Clubs with Heart – Club Transformation Series

This is for clubs who are committed to transformational change. It is 8 online sessions, over six months. This goes far deeper than the CWH session mentioned above. There is 12 hours of content, tasks to fulfil after each session, expert guests, interconnection and support between clubs and codes. Typically, between 20 and 50 clubs from a range of different sporting codes will attend the course together. For more information visit Clubs with Heart.


$980 +GST On average 60-90 min in duration


$500 +GST On average 60-90 min in duration

Discount for 3 or more sessions = $780 +GST (3+ x scheduled F2F sessions) or $400 +GST = (3+ x scheduled online sessions)