During the lockdowns we developed a range of online courses including Re-Connect and Re- Emerge. Gradually we developed all SALT courses to be available on-line as well as face to face. This gave us greater reach and reduced travel. It also meant we could offer our courses at a greatly discounted price.

We also believed it necessary to help clubs go wider and deeper than we ever before and developed the Clubs with Heart course. We are now into the third series and it is proving to be very successful (See Clubs with Heart article HERE). Finally, we have always felt that impacting kids is critical to our vision. The difficulty has been that most junior clubs have large numbers of teams and it is difficult both time wise and cost wise to address all of the kids in one club. For this reason we developed our newly piloted, Emerging Leaders Training Program (See Emerging Leaders Training Program article HERE).

Currently we are operating with a smaller team than we have had in the past. Despite this we are achieving incredible results and the feedback has never been stronger. Once again, thank you to all of our partners and supporters. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

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