Male 11-14 years old

Peer Group Pressure and Decision Making - Stand Your Ground

This module is designed to help boys at a time when there is significant pressure to experiment with negative risk-taking behaviour and to fit in with their peers. This module provides younger people up to the age of 14 years, with a tool kit to help them respond confidently. Research shows that if young people have rehearsed their responses, they are far more likely to make a positive decision under pressure.

Female 11-14 years old

Peer Group Pressure and Decision Making - Unstoppable

This module is designed to assist girls at a time of life when there is often a drop in confidence and a pressure felt to fit in with peers who may not always be a good influence. This module aims to provide girls up to the age of 14 years, with a tool kit to help them resist this pressure and to respond confidently. Research shows that if young people have rehearsed their responses, they are far more likely to make a positive decision under pressure.

Male and Female 15-18 years old

Team First Leadership

This module is designed to explore how sportspeople can apply the strengths they develop in sport to their life off the field. In sport, everyone leads at times during a game or competition, the same applies in life – at times we are all required to lead. A good leader develops strong relationships, leads by example, demonstrates humility, hold others accountable and is empowering. This module encourages individuals to recognise their strengths and values and apply them widely to bring out the best in themselves and others around them.

Male only 15-19 years old

Healthy Masculinity

This module is designed to assist young males who have accepted a limited and often negative impression of what it is to be a man. This challenges young men to discover a new clarity and conviction regarding healthy manhood. Topics included are around: anger, addictions, popularity, respect and reputation, attitudes towards women, emotional intelligence, being authentic, having your mate’s back and leaving a positive legacy.

Female only 15-19 years old


This module is designed to help girls overcome an often accepted, narrow definition of what it means to be a woman. Girls are encouraged to identify their character strengths and to use them to reach their highest potential. Girls are empowered to critically evaluate the messages of society and to be defined by their values, beliefs and character, rather than by the way that they look or by the expectations of others.

Male and Female 15-19 years old

Equality is the Game

This module tackles the issue of gender equality, racial equality, sexual equality (LGBTQIA+), respect and inclusion. At a time when young teenagers can be insecure and tribal, they are challenged to widen their scope of understanding of how other people live and contribute to our society through their diversity. The idea of sledging your opponent to get an advantage used to be considered acceptable but today we have realised that equality extends across the boundary line. This module gives them the tools they can use to combat discrimination when they see it and the courage to employ these tools. Ultimately, sporting clubs can be examples to the rest of the community around empathy, respect, inclusivity and equality.

Male and Female 16+ years old single gender sessions preferred

Wellbeing & Mental Health

This module gives participants an understanding of anxiety and depression and provides them with positive mental health habits for life. It educates participants in how to have real conversations and aims to reduce the stigma that remains around mental health issues. Participants are encouraged to ask questions to their friends and to be open and honest about how they are coping. Those who reveal they are struggling are connected to people with capacity to ensure they receive follow up. References are made to the impact COVID 19 has on people’s lives and the need to address this extra layer of pressure people have experienced.

Male and Female 12-15 years old single gender sessions preferred

Drugs and Alcohol

This module motivates young people to have a game plan for life that includes strategies for dealing with alcohol and drugs when inevitably they will be confronted with the decision to accept or reject their use. Participants are warned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol but this module largely focuses on how they can fill their lives with other positive pursuits, that negate the need for alcohol and other drugs. The power of a positive peer group is strongly emphasised. This module has little focus on illicit drugs due to the age of the participants and is almost entirely about alcohol.

Male and Female 16-19 years old single gender sessions preferred

Drugs and Alcohol

In the 16-19 age group we know that social events are often alcohol fuelled and that kids are establishing drinking habits that may have long term effects. This module explores the dangers of heavy alcohol use and drug abuse. It challenges them to create an environment where current and future players feel safe to be the best versions of themselves without feeling the need to drink heavily to fit in.

There is a different tone and methodology when presenting to this age group as they need to be treated with respect but gently challenged in a positive way. Their own use of drugs and alcohol will be examined to find a balance of acceptance and the repercussions of heavy drinking, drug use and their influence over others will be explored. This is a very discussion based session with questions around the type of club they want to be. A follow up module for Parents of participants in encouraged.

Coaches / administrators / volunteers - junior and senior

Positive Coaching

Times have changed and so have young people. This course is designed to assist coaches in the development and potential life success of the people they coach. Through this course coaches will gain an awareness that positive coaching based on relationships, authenticity and the understanding of individual differences, is far more effective than the lazy, authoritarian style that was once acceptable. Positive coaching has been proven to elicit greater motivation, resilience, enjoyment and results for everyone involved. This course will explore how coaches can deliver a strong message in the right way and how to deliver feedback based on process not outcomes. They will learn the power of good story telling and the technique of telling a great story as well as discover a new way of coaching that makes the difference between a good team and an excellent team. This course is delivered at the start of the season and all coaches are expected to attend.


Positive Sports Parenting

This module starts with the premise that sport is about life, life is not about sport. Many children form too much of their identities around their sporting talents and achievements, rather than the character strengths and the values they demonstrate. This will give parents a clear perspective on how to support coaches and clubs in positive ways and how to conduct themselves at junior sporting matches. They are challenged to see that sport is an opportunity to set their kids up for life success and are encouraged to help their children to value the strengths that sports develop such as courage, discipline, teamwork, good decision making, good communication and sacrifice.  In this module, parents are provided with fantastic tools to prepare their children to be strong, caring, capable and successful adults. This course is generally run at the beginning of the season and can be done on-line to maximise parents’ attendance.


$980 +GST On average 60-90 min in duration


$500 +GST On average 60-90 min in duration
Discount for 3 or more sessions = $780 +GST (3+ x scheduled F2F sessions) or $400 +GST = (3+ x scheduled online sessions)