Wonderful to hear how great footy club supports one of their own going through trauma. SALT’s  Scott Angove has been working with the Birregurra Football Club, providing Wellbeing and Mental Health Training to the whole community as well as training their Club Wellbeing Team so its members can provide on-going support and guidance to their community. This is one of many stories we hear at SALT as we provide this essential service to local sporting clubs. Read here

Wonderful to hear how a great footy club supports one of their own going through trauma. SALT’s Scott Angove has been working with the Birregurra Football Club, providing Wellbeing and Mental Health Training to the whole community as well as training their Club Wellbeing Team so its members can provide on-going support and guidance to their community. This is one of many stories we hear at SALT as we provide this essential service to local sporting clubs.

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