Response to Pandemic

So, what does a COVID year look like for a face to face organisation that needs sporting clubs to be operative to do what we do? It looks challenging is the short answer. Especially when you consider that we came off a similar year in 2020.

We wrote 3 new online courses, each designed to build some energy, connection, skills and confidence in people who were disconnected physically but wanting to connect emotionally. They were called, ‘Re-Connect, Re-Emerge and Re-Focus’.

We heard how people were traveling and we connected people in need to people with capacity. We improved our processes, our courses and our training. 

Changes in the team

SALT saw some staff leave and some new staff join. We want to acknowledge and thank Jo Tidd, Peter Burns, Bev Joseph and Ian Craig for the dedication and expertise they bought to SALT. We now have Layne Stretton as our CEO, James Gallacher as our Customer Experience Manager, Chris Crowe as our Finance and Admin Manager and in January we welcome Matilda Dillon as our Operations Manager. Scott Angove continues to play a major role as our Lead Facilitator. 

CWH Program

In the latter half of 2021 we developed the Clubs with Heart Program. This is 8 sessions of 90 minutes each, over 6 months designed to go deep into transformational cultural change in clubs. Clubs with Heart strive to be highly competitive, but they understand their greater purpose, which is to create a safe, connected community based on care, respect, courage and resilience. In its maiden launch we had 54 clubs sign up from 15 different sporting codes and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Stay tuned for the announcement of our Clubs with Heart website launch in February. 

VRGF delivery

A great amount of positive feedback from sessions rolling out for VRGF (Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation).  (VRGF session in Hamilton with Cricket Vic) 

“It’s fantastic to be able to continue to deliver the Love the Game content for the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Recently SALT have had the opportunity to engage with young people from a range of sporting organisations such as Cricket Victoria, Melbourne Victory and the Melbourne Rebels. A huge thanks to the team at VRGF for accrediting a number of SALT facilitators with an induction on the key messaging and data around the impact of gambling in Australia. We look forward to continue to build this relationship with the VRGF and the fantastic work they do”. 

Below photo shows Dave recently with up to 100, 16 year old boys from Country Victoria in the Regional Junior Cricket Championships undertaking a leadership course and focussing on responsible gambling – thanks to the VRGF. 

Rotary clubs

SALT Mental Well being session SALT Training at South Oakleigh Bowling Club  Moving Forward Together with Rotary Club Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale & Community.

Next year 2022

So ,what about 2022? Well, let’s begin by saying, ‘Bring it on!’ We have already begun presenting face to face and oh how marvellous it has been! SALT will go National in 2022 barring the next iteration of Omicron knocking us all out.

We have some exciting new partnerships in the final stages of development. New funding opportunities are emerging and there has never been a greater need for the services of SALT. Our new team are highly skilled, very excited and looking forward to connecting with you all next year.

To all of you who have believed in us, supported us and encouraged us, we say thank you so much! If we can support you, your clubs, your businesses, please get in touch.

We close down the office on 23rd December and we are back on 10th January.

Look after yourselves and your families and we’ll see you all next year. 

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