“We’re so busy at the moment,” 

“The kids are playing rep and we have to ferry them all around the country for matches and training.”

When you’re chatting to other parents at school pickup, or on the sidelines at Saturday morning sport, have you ever noticed how often (and quickly) parents love to say that their kids play rep sport?

We get it, making a rep squad is an achievement, and it’s natural for parents to be proud. However, many of us place tremendous weight on the success of our kids in the sporting realm. 

When our kids start playing sport, it is all about fun, being healthy, getting outside, learning new social skills and making connections. 

But often, around the time they turn 16, it becomes more about making the rep teams, the coaches, umpires, and the opportunities for success that our kids may or may not be receiving. 

At the age of 16, over half of all kids drop out of sport and they cite the major reason for this as lack of fun. 

We know that this is a sensitive age, where they could be benefiting from the strength and guidance of a connected and caring community. 

Instead, they might be leaving a club community for a small group of friends who may or may not be making healthy choices.  

As parents, clubs and a society, we owe it to our kids to do better. 

Our positive parenting course helps parents within sporting clubs reset the dial and think deeper about the positive impact that sport and community can have on our kids, and how to utilise it as a vehicle to set them up for life. 

If you’re ready to make a change in your club, and reset the way that parents approach sport with their kids, please contact us at info@sportandlifetraining.com.au for more information, and to book.

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