The complete Club Wellbeing Package involves a live, face to face Wellbeing Session in the club and then a follow-up training of a Club Wellbeing Team.

These sessions are best when completed in the preseason.

Session 1: Wellbeing and Mental Health

This is for every member of the club community, male and female, aged 16 and above. They will be delivered face to face in the clubs.  The course gives participants an understanding of anxiety and depression, covers how to look after your own mental health and how to identify and support your mates who may be suffering. Through the confidential SALT Live Quiz we will establish how people in the club community are really travelling and make sure that those with needs are supported by those who have capacity. Generally, these sessions are conducted after a training session. Clubs provide a meal to players before the session. All players and volunteers are expected to attend. Supporters, sponsors, parents of junior players etc can also attend.

Session 2: Training of a Club Wellbeing Team

After the Wellbeing and Mental Health session participating clubs will be invited to form a Club Wellbeing Team of 3-6 people who receive further training (3 online sessions) to become the ‘go to’ people for those who need someone to talk to at the club. This sets the club up with on-going structures of support well after the initial education session. Participants will receive a Certificate of Recognition after completing the course.

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