After 2 years of Covid and lockdowns we hit the ground running and hoped clubs would spring back into action and operate the way they did back in 2019. Most clubs didn’t. Clubs have felt the very real challenges of putting teams on fields with less volunteers and in some sports, increased drop out rates. As the sporting landscape has changed, we have worked hard to adapt our courses and memberships to reflect the current landscape.  

The development of our Clubs with Heart Program and our network of exemplar clubs has been new ground for us. We can confidently say today that we are far more than a mental health provider. We look at all the critical areas that inform a person’s mental health, including peer group pressure and decision making, healthy masculinity, empowerment for girls and women, respect and equality, drugs and alcohol, positive sports parenting and coaching. We go wide and deep with clubs.  

Beyond club land, our Brownlow Medal Breakfast was a highlight of the year with over 300 people gathered at Marvel Stadium. We are incredibly grateful to our MC and guests who gave their time so generously.  

In 2023 we will run a series of 2-day Future Leaders Training days for kids aged 13-18. These will be run in various locations around the state in the Term 1 and Term 3 holidays.

Thank you to all of you who have supported us either financially, through booking sessions or just spreading the word. Thank you to the Bendigo Bank who have supported us and our clubs so magnificently. We wish you a happy and restful Christmas break and look forward to seeing you all with energy to burn in 2023.  Dave

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