Mawson’s Concrete & Quarries campaign

We are working alongside Mawsons in this exciting opportunity we have negotiated supported by Mawsons Concrete & Quarries. We are offering a total of 50 free training sessions to 25 sporting clubs from the region.  

Mawson’s Concrete & Quarries are funding 2 SALT sessions for sports clubs in country Victoria/NSW. The first is the Mental Health and Wellbeing face-to-face session for anyone aged above 16 associated with the club. The second session is the on-line Positive Parenting/Influencers session for parents and coaches on how to best support our young people coming back post-covid. The sessions are normally valued at $980 but are being generously funded by Mawson’s Concreting. 

There has been a fantastic response to the Mawson’s Wellbeing and Mental Health recovery project. Local sports clubs have embraced the opportunity to kick start their 2022 pre-season with a face-to-face session of the Mental Health and Wellbeing module as well as the on-line Positive Parenting/Coaching module. The 50 sessions have been allocated to 25 clubs and we are still receiving inquiries which is fantastic! As Mawson’s covers large areas across Victoria, SALT will be engaging with new leagues that may not have engaged with SALT before which is a wonderful opportunity to expand into country Victoria. The leagues that will be involved are the Tallangatta & District FNL, the Murray FNL, the North East Border Female FL, the Picola & District FNL, Albury Wodonga Cricket, the Central Murray FNL and the Goulburn Murray FNL. It will be a busy pre-season for SALT and we can’t wait to get back out there and support clubs.   

If a club would like to apply, please use this form.  

Please select both boxes in 7. Funded Course Type to receive the generous Mawson’s funding. 

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