Scott with Collingwood SEDA students 

Our relationship remains vibrant with the VRGF Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. We embed the content around ‘responsible’ gambling into a range of other courses that focus on young people becoming the best they can be. Our presenters are often surprised to discover how many young people are gambling regularly. We have a real challenge on our hands with the proliferation of gambling ads and need to be speaking regularly about the impact they are having.  


SALT have been busy delivering the VRGF Love the Game sessions out into a variety of educational settings and clubs. These have predominantly been around Leadership, Clubs with Heart and Becoming a Person of Influence. Scott recently has reluctantly trudged along into enemy territory having presented to Collingwood FC SEDA students at Olympic Park, Carlton College of Sport students at IKON Park and Youth Leadership sessions at a variety of locations with the Western Bulldogs. This was rectified by heading along recently to Punt Rd and delivering to the Richmond Institute of Sport students. Scott was nearly late for the session having been invited as a keen Tiger to watch the main training session.  

The students going through these programs are an ideal audience for SALT messaging as they will forge careers in a variety of sporting contexts and will have huge influence on the clubs and organisations they are and will be a part of. 

James facilitating a leadership session on behalf of VRGF to the Yarra Junior Football league.   50 plus young men about to embark on their rep sides AFL.  Not only were they engaged in the session around leadership they were also given a session from the umpires around the new rules for the rep games.  

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