Over the past few months we have developed a series of online webinars to support the education and empowerment for clubs and their people to be courageous in their endeavours, to get up when life becomes complex, complicated and difficult, and to genuinely invest in personal selfcare in the generous care of each other. 

Image above, thanks to Ejays Softball club and Melbourne East Netball Association. 

See article from Dave re the CWH program: 


We know the Clubs with Heart will greatly enhance their clubs and communities ability to manage the challenges of the times we are in and to develop the strength and reputation of their clubs, both on and off the sporting arenas. Over the eight webinars over a 6 month period, we provide the scaffolding for design and discussions as a way forward for the clubs and their people.  

Our first webinar series started in October 2021.  This saw over 280 people online from 54 clubs across different States and from 15 different sporting codes.  

See link to the evolution and logic behind the CWH brand and logo. Great to see how things are put together by a creative illustrator and designer. 


An important part of the program is the collection of and analysis from social suite…We have captured the participating clubs from the baseline data and will be measured and shared across the 6 month period, 1 year and 2 years post program to see the impact it has had on clubs.  

See social suite image with baseline data. 

We have a waiting list of 30 clubs already, for series 2, beginning early in 2022, so if you know of a club that would benefit please contact us at info@sportandlifetraining.com.au

There is also the upcoming new website development for CWH. Stay tuned for a launch in early 2022.


Summary newsletter post sessions is also part of the offer to the clubs involved. The “Club Pulse” is a summary of the conversations, quotes, resources, homework for clubs and next steps, that follow each of our 8 sessions.  We had made a decision, that this is a better way to communicate and draw from and share the rich conversations from the webinars than sharing a zoom recording. The feedback has been great.  

The feedback from the sessions so far has been heart warming. 

Thank you for inspiring and empowering volunteers like our Netty family, who are passionate about striving for excellence on and off the court.  This course will further educate us so we can assist our community and help make a positive difference in our members’ lives.  Marg Jones, President, Packenham Lions Netball Club  


Dave Burt and his team at SALT have provided outstanding support to community sporting clubs for a number of years. SALT understands the needs and challenges that clubs face, and their targeted approach makes a significant positive impact on all players and officials which in turn creates strong healthy clubs. The NFNL has been a partner of SALT since their inception, and I have no hesitation in recommending SALT to any organisation. Peter McDougal CEO NFNL  

Photo courtesy of Warrandyte Football Club. 

What they told us, a summary of mentions:
“Very exciting 7 sessions ahead!!”
“That was awesome! see you next time!!”
“Fantastic first session Dave, thank you so very much to everyone”
“Thanks…really great, inspiring”
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all, very excited to be a part of this program!”
“Thank you – lots of great information and lots to think about”
“Great work, well done and thank you.” 


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