THE NEW SALT – Creating Clubs with Heart  

We think that it is important that we are clear on why we exist and why we think our work is so important. There is so much that needs to be done to impact positively on the lives of people, many of which have experienced complex and difficult times over the last few years. 

  • The mental health of young people is in decline, accentuated and highlighted by COVID.
  • Sporting clubs provide an environment that young people desire to be a part of and can be impactful in managing their mental health and enhancing wellbeing.
  • In 2020 89% of adults [over 15 years of age] participated in sport / physical activity, 54% of women and 69% of men participated in sport-related activities. Of the 71% of children who participated in organised after-school activities 68% participated in sport-related activities.
  • Regular community-based sport participation in Australia generates an estimated AUD$18.7B value per annum in social capital—that is, enhancing social productivity for a common good.
  • When they most need to be involved, young people are leaving organised sport, for less organised options. (14-16 years)
  • Sporting clubs have a unique opportunity to significantly, and positively, impact on the wellbeing of young people and young adults, by developing or enhancing participation strategies and providing knowledge and education, along with a secure and safe environment for emotional growth.
  • Sporting clubs are staffed by volunteers and parents who are wanting to help young people develop emotional life, but they need direction and support in how to help.
  • Sporting clubs have never been more willing, but they need to know how to provide the care and support required within communities.

This is where SALT becomes involved, supporting clubs to develop the skills, structure, culture, and knowledge to realise their desire to be a destination club, a place of safety and security for young people. 

That’s why we exist. 


We are pleased to be able to advise that the SALT Clubs with Heart website has now been released. This website is an expression of our aspiration to take a deeper interest and involvement in the sporting clubs that we work with. For those that are not aware of the Clubs with Heart revolution, it is about encouraging sporting clubs to reinvent themselves, review their purpose and reason for being and become a place of competitive greatness as well as caring, respectful, resilient, and courageous. 

We encourage you all to have a look at the website on and as always, we are pleased to take feedback and comments. 


Over the last 6 months, we have been engaged in our inaugural Clubs with Heart Webinar series.  Run over 8 sessions and 6 months, we have worked with 54 clubs, over 17 different sporting codes in the development of the foundations required to be a truly great club. We have received amazing feedback for the clubs that have been involved, providing us with new insights, information, and enthusiasm to continue to develop this idea and approach. 

Some of the feedback includes, 

  • Great presentation. 
  • You are an inspiring speaker from the small snippet we got from you tonight and I am excited to learn more.  
  • We love being part of the series, I am excited about what we can learn from this. 
  • Good to talk sport and leadership stuff. 
  • We attended last night’s session and found it fantastic.  
  • SALT is 100% what’s needed to empower clubs, club owners/managers, committees, boards, and most of all the kids (athletes). What was mentioned last night is everything I see as needed to invoke positive change in culture and mindset. 
  • Wonderful presentation last night.  The positivity in the room was truly electric. 
  • Massive thanks to the Team and Dave for the presentation Tuesday evening.  
  • Thanks again for such an informative session. 

Mel Morton: (Footscray Hockey Club) Really enjoyed the sessions! Thank you for all of the time put into the sessions. It was clear how much effort the team put in. The breakout rooms were extremely useful and I look forward to putting those into practice.  

Cathie Lange: (Doncaster Hockey Club) Great structure to follow for clubs that want to build a positive community culture. Great ideas and ways to implement processes that build clubs with heart.    

Trisha Ross: (Lilydale Ejays Softball Club) So many ideas, so many actionables! Thank you so much!  

Marcus Bree: (Lilydale Cricket Club) Thanks for running the sessions Dave – been a great series with some real thought provoking content. Definitely found it useful for the club and the future path we want to take.  

Many of these clubs are now investing in the creation of club wellbeing teams and the education required to create a new culture and vision for the club. 


SALT is pleased to be partnering with Social Suite in the development of the Clubs with Heart evidence base, to measure and articulate the impact that we are having in clubs.  We have developed an 18-question measurement questionnaire, focusing on the 4 key areas of club development. Social Suite have assisted us in the development of the dashboard, that visually represents the outcomes and provides a story that can be accessed by potential funders and clubs. More importantly, clubs can set a baseline measurement and then periodically measure their progress against desired outcomes.  

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