The last decade has delivered up significant disruption to businesses.  From the coming of Uber to challenge the monopoly of taxis to online companies intercepting and charging for sales leads, Australian businesses have had to cope with unimagined challenges to their traditional way of trading.  But the biggest disruption of all has been COVID-19.  No one imagined a time when your business could be forced to close its physical doors for an extended period of time.  No one imagined curfews, wearing masks to go outside, extended separation of family members.

In Victoria in particular, it has been a punishing year.  A grim year – both personally and for businesses.

There was very little warning of the disruptions we were about to suffer in all spheres of our lives.  These shocks included:

  • Reduced income
  • Challenges meeting the cost of living
  • Job loss or reduced work
  • Insecurity around housing due to inability to pay rent.
  • Family issues including physical and mental illness, changed circumstances, increased family violence.
  • Isolation from their close network of people
  • Routines lost and disrupted
  • Working from home and the challenges around this

The following emotions are common in these situations:

  • Feeling nothing – numb
  • Fear
  • Vulnerability
  • Failure
  • A sense of loss of control
  • Guilt
  • Self-blame
  • Exhaustion
  • Fatigue
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety

The COVID Normal that is being shaped now means that business leaders need to dig deep for courage. Courage that will grow as you learn, process, adapt and muster the energy to re-shape your business to its most effective.  Smart business leaders will understand that mentoring and supporting their team members now will give them a resilient base to build their business on as the emerge from restrictions. It will influence your teams to work hard for your new normal.

SALT (Sport and Life Training) have been working throughout the pandemic to provide support and mental wellbeing tools to sporting clubs, whose members have suffered seriously from being disconnected from their sport and tribes. SALT is also about helping business leaders managing the pastoral aspect of their role.  The SALT Workplace Re-emerge session is aimed at helping leaders and teams sort through the mindsets that might impede progress.  At the end of the session your teams will feel more connected, empowered and positive about what the future holds.  It’s a great starting point for any business.

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