Any Melbourne based club that had re-commenced training after the first lockdown is now facing an even greater level of disappointment due to the second wave of restrictions.

The greatest threat to every person who loves their club and all it represents, is the mental health impact. For those who must now navigate further loss of income, further disconnection, the prospect of home schooling again, the loss of sport as an outlet; we are dealing with a whole new level of pain.

As a club, you know you must respond. It is your absolute responsibility. It’s hard to know how.

SALT Sport and Life Training will run up to 2 fully funded Online Club Re-Connect Programs with your club to help you meet the immediate needs of your community.

The  SALT Re-Connect Program (Second Wave) has an increased focus on effective self care, as well as encouraging effective communication and building strong connections between those in need with those who have capacity to help.

The Re-Connect Program lasts between 60-75 minutes.

The SALT Live Quiz elicits confidential feedback from participants allowing the facilitator to address the real issues of the group.

Clubs receive follow up material to share with people who have specific needs.

Each session has a maximum of 30 people to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard.

To book your SALT Re-Connect Program contact or ring Bev on 0432 160 180

For more information see our SALT Re-Connect video here:

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