SALT Lunchbox

SALT Lunchbox Series

SALT Lunchbox

Living in a global community

Emotional Agility


Positive Disruption

Essential Conversations

High Quality Connections

Self Care

No Sport, No Friends, What Now?

What drives you?

Finding Your Super Powers

Team First Parenting

Your Career, Your Story

Turning Your Fear Into Powerful Thoughts

Habits and Rituals

Financial Pain, Ways To Gain

Who you gonna call? Stressbusters

Men In Mind

Self Care (2)

Outside in Downsize up Leadership

Show Me Your Friends And I’ll Show You Your Future

Humour and Mental Health

Quality Sleep

Exercising With Purpose

The Lunchbox Effect

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SALT is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation with full DGR Status. All donations are fully tax deductable.


Many organisations and companies have generously sponsored local clubs to have complimentary SALT presentations.


SALT is a partnership organisation with over 25 partner organisations currently.

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