Interest in being a partner with SALT?

SALT is a partnership organisation. Without our magnificent partners/sponsors we could not do what we do. Over the past 6 years, SALT has delivered thousands of sessions into hundreds of sporting clubs across Victoria. SALT is looking to expand nationally.  

SALT would love to partner with organisations with 2 clear objectives:

  1. Your financial support enables local clubs to access SALT education sessions; and
  2. SALT will provide high quality education and leadership support to your staff.

Typically, a local club reaches a phenomenal 45% of the population in a country town.  High performing community sporting clubs are highly effective agents of change in their communities. Latrobe University research tells us that people are more socially connected and have more significant social support than through their other social networks.  Clubs are three times more useful in developing social networks than work, education, or other community networks. 

To arrange a no obligation preliminary discussion/enquire about a tailor-made partnership/sponsorship package about partnering with SALT contact or call 1300 890 424 



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