Congratulations to our Olympic Athletes

Congratulations to our Olympic Athletes from everyone at SALT.  Your sporting efforts were incredible and you bought the whole nation joy at a time when we needed it.

We saw success on the field of endeavour – not just medals and PB’s, but also in overcoming all sorts of physical and mental challenges.  We saw the families at home who cheered and cried – all wishing they could be there.  We saw humility from the athletes – sharing their success and thanking those who helped them on their journey. We saw incredible commitment and courage.

These are the attributes that every young sports person can acquire when local sporting clubs train, not just on the sport, but on the values that are integral to true teamwork. When club members and volunteers live and breathe these values, it’s a powerful lesson.  That’s why we do what we do at SALT.  Because we believe in the power of sport to mould outstanding athletes and people.

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