The push Birregurra FNC needed…

The push Birregurra FNC needed…

At SALT we often receive letters of thanks. Rarely are they as well written or as moving as this one:

“A few of us at Birregurra FNC had been talking for a while about bringing someone in to do a mental health and wellbeing session with our footballers and netballers, knowing that for many of us – young and old – maintaining good mental health can be an ongoing struggle. 

As coach of the reserves footy team, I’m used to receiving Thursday night messages from blokes saying they won’t be able to play the coming weekend, because they’re going to a festival, going fishing, going camping, can’t be bothered, whatever. Midway through the 2022 season I received a Thursday night text from one of our twos players that absolutely floored me. 

“I’m really sorry Pete, I won’t be able to play this weekend. This morning I tried to take my own life.” 

Clubs With Heart Act Before Things Go Wrong

Clubs With Heart Act Before Things Go Wrong

Sport and Life Training (SALT) gets a lot of calls from local sporting clubs when things have gone wrong.

‘We need a course on respect and equality’ explained the President of this typical suburban footy club. He went on to explain why.

‘Our women’s teams do the warm-ups with our men’s teams at training. One of our young blokes said quite loudly, ‘Why do we have to train with these ****s?’ The Pres explained that they had dealt with it strongly. ‘We suspended him for 4 weeks and during those weeks he had to run the water out to the women’s teams. We need to follow up with some in-club education,’ he explained.

Additions to SALT

NEW BOARD MEMBERS  Over the last 6 months, we have undertaken a thorough process to refresh and revitalise the SALT Board. We are pleased to be able to welcome new Board members to the SALT team. Their collective passion and skill are a welcome injection into the SALT organisation, and they will assist to guide…

SALT and Partner Research

AFL Outer East along with their partners for Leading the Change have publicly launched a Case Study detailing the achievements of our multi-strategy program since 2017. The major partnership was established to reduce stigma around mental health in our football and netball cubs, encourage clubs to seek support, prevent suicide and prevent and respond to family violence.   A huge part of…