Live Quiz

The SALT interactive live quiz enables the presenter to obtain real time confidential information about how people in the group are feeling and what they are really thinking. This opens up essential conversations about the genuine issues and concerns individuals are facing.


What's the worst that you have felt over this time?

Participants are asked to rate on a scale from 1 to 10 what is the lowest they have felt over Victorian Lockdown. This question allows people in the group to reflect on their own experience of being in lockdown and acknowledge those feelings associated with that. There is a sense of shared experience and helps generate discussion of what people have found hardest over lockdown.


The Heat Map allows the presenter to see in real time the specific issues that a group is currently facing. This opens a dialogue to discuss common issues that have been present over lockdown. The presenter can then tailor specific information on the most prevalent issues the group is facing to ensure participants come away with the knowledge and practical strategies on addressing these issues.

Second Wave Question

Participants are asked to submit one-word answers on how they felt when they heard the news of lockdown being extended in Victoria. Word clouds can collate the general mood and feelings of a group in a quick, informative, and visual way. The more popular an answer, the bigger it appears on the screen.

What things have work best for you to get through this time?

Participants are asked to identify their coping strategies and methods of self-care. Participants are then encouraged to do an act of self-care each day in order to nourish themselves and take care of their physical and mental health. This word cloud can offer the group new and exciting ways to connect and share an act of self-care with another member of the team.

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SALT is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation with full DGR Status. All donations are fully tax deductable.


Many organisations and companies have generously sponsored local clubs to have complimentary SALT presentations.


SALT is a partnership organisation with over 25 partner organisations currently.

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