Senior Courses

Core Values and Leadership

male and female, senior clubs

This course is best run at the beginning of a season. Through the live quiz ap players elect 5 core values and elect a leadership team based on the players who most exemplify those values. The concept of leadership is discussed with the premise being that everyone is a leader when it is their turn to step up.

Wellbeing & Mental Health (15+)

male and female - single gender groups preferred

This course gives participants an understanding of anxiety and depression and provides them with positive mental health habits for life. It educates participants in how to have real conversations and aims to reduce the stigma that remains around mental health issues. Players are encouraged to ask good questions of their friends and to be open and honest about how they are coping.

Wellbeing and Mental Health Part 2 – Setting up a Club Wellbeing Team

male and female - single gender groups preferred senior clubs

Following the Wellbeing and Mental Health course, clubs are invited to form a Club Wellbeing Team (CWT). The role of this team is to be the eyes and ears of the club in regard to how their community is travelling. This team of 3-4 people receive training in what to look for, how to respond, how to embed healthy wellbeing practices into the fabric of the club, how and when to refer and more.

Equality is the Game – Gender Equality

senior men

This course tackles the issue of gender equality, respect and inclusion. It does not point the finger at men as being the problem, but positively motivates men to be part of the solution in creating equality and inclusion, firstly in our sporting clubs and secondly in the wider community.

Equality is the Game – Racial Equality

male and female

As in the gender equality course, this course again looks for ways to empower sporting communities to be the examples when it comes to respect, fairness and equality. We look at how easy it is to develop prejudices, stereotyping and unconscious biases. The idea of sledging your opponent to get an advantage used to be considered acceptable but today we have realised that equality extends across the boundary line.

Crossing the Line

senior women

Crossing the line is all about empowering women in their relationships with friends, family and partners. Most of us have many healthy and wonderful relationships in our lives, but sometimes we experience relationships that aren’t. This course establishes where the line is, so that we recognise when we need to act and we’re empowered as to how to act.

Drugs and Alcohol (adult)

male and female

Traditionally many sporting clubs have relied on alcohol sales to create revenue and have sometimes promoted heavy drinking.  This course explores the dangers of heavy alcohol use and drug abuse. It asks, ‘What kind of club do you want to be?’ ‘What kind of influence do you want to have on the kids coming up?’ ‘What reputation do you want in the community?’ ‘Where do drugs and alcohol fit into all this?’ ‘How can we create an environment that supports anyone dealing with a drug or alcohol issue while keeping the club, healthy and drug free?’

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