With the success Melbourne – and indeed the whole of Victoria – is having in driving down the number of coronavirus cases, employers can now, with some confidence, look forward to increasing normalization of their business.

But extended isolation, reduced hours and income, fear for their health and loss of their social circles will have really affected your team members.

How can you support them in a way that means that they, and your business, emerge from this pandemic stronger and more positive about the future and ready to grow?

SALT has developed a Re-Emerge course that we are delivering to workplace teams to provide them with the tools and strategies to deal with their stress and to learn and thrive from what has happened.  Our sessions are based on compelling research that shows that after a major life-challenging event people either developed Post Traumatic Stress (which can turn into PTSD) or post traumatic growth (PTG).  And it’s about a 50/50 split as to whether people thrive or struggle.  We want to do all we can to help people come out on the side of growth.

The way we respond to trauma is entirely up to us.

There are five major components to developing Post Traumatic Growth and they can begin to be implemented now.

  1. Relating to others (authentic relationships)
  2. Spiritual or deep internal change
  3. Looking for new possibilities
  4. Personal Strength
  5. Appreciation of life

Delivered online to your team or group, SALT will go through each of these components and look at ways they can develop each one in preparation for a re-emergence into COVID-Normal.

Re-framing our mindsets is integral to emotional growth and good mental health during these times. Additionally, actual focus tools are really important.

Many discover during the session that their relationships have grown stronger, that their deeply held beliefs have changed, that new possibilities have emerged and others are still available to explore, that strengths such as empathy, encouragement, resilience, determination, initiative and support have grown, and that more than ever, they have come to appreciate many of the things they used to take for granted.

As a business leader you have the opportunity to ensure that your team members are given every opportunity to emerge from these restrictions and the social fragmentation they caused with the tools and strategies to be amongst those who come out of this time stronger, richer in character and better positioned to flourish.

The SALT session will allow you, as a team, to re-frame and proactively support each other as you face an uncertain future.

To enquire about the Re-Emerge course for your club, team, workplace contact or call 1300 980 424

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