Junior Courses

Stand Your Ground - Peer Group Pressure and Decision Making

male 11-14

Boys at this age are about to enter a time of life in which there is often significant pressure to experiment with negative risk-taking behaviour. This course aims to provide young men with a tool kit to help them resist this pressure and to respond confidently. Research shows that if young people have rehearsed their responses, they are far more likely to make a positive decision under pressure when the time comes.


female 11-14

This course is designed to help girls overcome an often accepted, narrow definition of what it means to be a girl. Girls are encouraged to identify their character strengths and to use their strengths to reach their potential. Girls are empowered to critically evaluate the messages of society and to be defined by their values, beliefs and character, rather than by the way that they look.

Healthy Masculinity

male 15-19

Australian men have accepted a limited and often negative impression of what it is to be a man. This course challenges young men to become strong men of character. Topics include: anger, addictions, popularity, respect and reputation, attitudes towards women, emotional intelligence, being authentic, playing on the edge, having your mate’s back, and leaving a legacy.

Becoming a Woman of Influence

female 15-19

This course is designed to encourage girls/women to become women of influence in their communities. Women identify their strengths and their leadership style and understand how they can use them in all areas of their lives. This course highlights the attributes of good leaders and guides women in how to apply these qualities off the field as well as on it. The role of humility, character, values, trust and effective communication are discussed. Women are encouraged to understand the value of helping others.

Wellbeing & Mental Health (15+)

male and female - single gender groups preferred

This course gives participants an understanding of anxiety and depression and provides them with positive mental health habits for life. It educates participants in how to have real conversations and aims to reduce the stigma that remains around mental health issues. Participants are encouraged to ask good questions of their friends and to be open and honest about how they are coping.

Team First Leadership

male and female, junior clubs, single gender groups preferred

Studies show that sports people have significant influence, no matter their age. This course explores the power of sportspeople to apply the strengths they develop in sport to life off the field. In sport, everyone leads at times during a game or competition. The same applies in life – at times we are all required to lead. A good leader is values driven and consistent. They develop strong relationships, lead by example, demonstrate humility, hold others accountable and are empowering.

Drugs and Alcohol (14-19)

male and female - single gender groups preferred

This course motivates young people to have a game plan for life that includes a strategy for dealing with alcohol and drugs when inevitably they will be confronted with having to make a decision to accept or reject their use. Participants are warned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol but the focus is largely on filling their lives with so many positive pursuits, that they negate the need for artificial and inferior alternatives like alcohol and other drugs. The power of a positive peer group is strongly emphasised.

For the Love of the Game – Positive Sports Parenting


This course starts with the premise that sport is about life, life is not about sport. Many of our children form too much of their identities around their sporting talents and achievements, rather than the character strengths and the values they demonstrate. Parents are challenged in regard to their conduct at junior sporting matches.  They are also provided with fantastic tools to use sport to prepare their children to be strong, caring, capable and successful adults.

Positive Coaching

coaches / administrators / volunteers - junior and senior

Times have changed and so have young people. The old fashioned and overused half-time spray just doesn’t cut it anymore. Positive coaching has been proven to elicit greater motivation, resilience, enjoyment and results for everyone involved. Discover a new way of coaching that makes all the difference between a good team and an excellent team.

Junior Member Club Committee Meeting

SALT Junior Member Clubs

Junior Clubs can elect to become SALT Member clubs. The SALT presenter meets with the committee and together they work out the club’s core values. These are then embedded into the courses that the teams receive. Each club has 7 presentations for the year which include the parents, coaches and players. The Club elects a SALT Coordinator who works with SALT to ensure the consistent delivery of the education programs across the age groups and across the years.

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