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Each course is based on the principles of sport and a positive psychology framework to create an enjoyable, non-judgmental environment which generates open and honest discussions. All sessions are interactive, engaging and based on the latest research. The vast majority of SALT presenters are experienced school teachers who have experience in, and a love for, sporting clubs.


This program is an ESSENTIAL for every sports club and workplace needing to re-engage with their communities as we emerge from this unprecedented time. We have all experienced COVID, but we haven’t all had the same experience. For some, their re-entry is going to be difficult for they will be carrying heavy loads, while others will have the capacity to reach out and care. The role of every club and workplace is to identify the needs of its people and create systems of support. 

The SALT Club and Workplace  Re-Connect Program is an interactive, online presentation that digs deep into how your club or work community is traveling right now and equips you to support one another into the future. Through a newly developed and highly informative live quiz, the SALT presenter will establish what the main issues are for each group and will flexibly respond, teach, and connect.

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SALT is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation with full DGR Status. All donations are fully tax deductable.


Many organisations and companies have generously sponsored local clubs to have complimentary SALT presentations.


SALT is a partnership organisation with over 25 partner organisations currently.

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