Chris Blackman

Chris Blackman

Business Administration

Melbourne Business Consulting Group, and I am working with SALT part time in the business administration area. I bring my strategic business experience and a keen focus on detail to the finance and administrative processes at SALT.  


I’ve worked with third-sector client organisations over the last ten years, and I am deeply impressed with the fire and enthusiasm of the SALT team to improve mental wellness, and some of the main contributory factors, including race and gender equity, in sporting clubs. 


I am married and have two adult daughters and a toddler granddaughter.  I am interested in current affairs, foreign languages, aviation, and music.  I play bass guitar with a local band, Retrospective, otherwise known by my daughters as the Rockin’ Grandpas.  Much like the members of sporting clubs who have had their season turned upside-down by Covid-19, the band members are also looking forward to being able to get out there and safely play again soon. 

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