Our Story

Our Story

SALT began in 2015 after founder, Dave Burt attended 7 clubs over a period of 18 months to help them recover and restore their communities due to the impact of suicide. In every club, Dave heard the same thing, ‘We never saw it coming’.

Recognising the remarkable strengths sports people displayed on the field – courage, sacrifice, commitment, good decision making under pressure, strong communication and more, Dave resolved to create positive, interactive education programs that would drive clubs to become as strong off the field as they were on it.

Our Values

Integrity, Humility, Honesty, Respect & Teamwork

Our Impact

SALT is 5 years old and since its inception has delivered in excess of 1800 sessions and directly impacted approximately 36,000 people.

LIve Quiz

The SALT interactive live quiz enables the presenter to obtain real time confidential information about how people in the group are feeling and what they are really thinking. This opens up essential conversations about the genuine issues and concerns individuals are facing.

Club Re-Connect

The SALT Club Re-Connect Program is an interactive, online presentation that digs deep into how your club community is traveling right now and equips you to support one another into the future. Through a newly developed and highly informative live quiz, the SALT presenter will establish what the main issues are for each group and will flexibly respond, teach, and connect.

Want to get involved?


SALT is a not-for-profit health promotion organisation with full DGR Status. All donations are fully tax deductable.


Many organisations and companies have generously sponsored local clubs to have complimentary SALT presentations.


SALT is a partnership organisation with over 25 partner organisations currently.